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I stand with Iraq

Yes, it does not look like Iraq has gotten any peace since the US and its allies got in to eliminate terrorists. Strange that their actions have created more terrorism rather than less. Or maybe I am wrong? We are not hearing much about Iraq lately, are we? This first video is from 2014, but… Continue reading I stand with Iraq

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Kindled a Storm

You might have read that I am now also blogging on Patreon. Patreon is a page for creatives to share more personal things for followers, friends and fans who want to support that creative directly without buying things or adverts. You can join a tier and get different perks depending on your pay. I am… Continue reading Kindled a Storm

Re-post: Famous last words/Beruehmte letzte Worte

December 2022 Santa hopefully is vegan now 😁🀣 June 2017 LOL and now I am obsessed with mine πŸ˜‰ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ December 2010 There is proper Winter in Europe! -26 C in Poland and even -3 here, Russia got the world cup (not that I really care) and Santa gets Cornflakes instead of a cookie. Where… Continue reading Re-post: Famous last words/Beruehmte letzte Worte

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