#frapalymo ~ I discovered something (attention German links)

Sometimes you just have to be wild and try something. I have never used the “reblog” button that wordpress.com offers. Earlier I wrote a blog post in my German poetry blog about  @FrauPaulchens Blog “sophie paulchen.bloggt” and her projekt #frapalymo and I tried the reblog button. I hoped I could change the entry here and add the English translation in the other post but that is not possible. Well, there are two entries to day then:

#frapalymo is “Mrs Paulchens poetry month 30 Days, 30 poems (+1), no excuses” how she writes on her blog (I hope she forgives me that I dared to translate it 🙂 ) The idea is brilliant: She challenges us to write a poem on every day in May and to connect it either via Pingback or via Twitter and the hashtag #frapalymo with her blog.

She had a lot of success with this project last November and had another idea for this month: Every day she gives us a impuls either from Twitter, books, current events or other blogs and it is for us what we want to do with it.

I am excited: I have not written poetry a lot lately and I really need this “poetry~holiday”.

If you write in German and want to know more about it ~ here is the link: Im Maien die Lyrik

I better get on writing….. 🙂

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