Belated SoCS on the side

When  I saw this week’s prompt for Linda’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” I directly had the words “side dish” in my mind. Maybe I was hungry or certainly, I just love food.

No junk food or takeaways. No, good old-fashioned homemade food. The best husband in the world is a great cook so I am a very lucky girl to not having to cook very often. It is not that I do not like it. It’s just so nice to just sit down and get a lovely meal presented.

I don’t stop telling him how much I appreciate it. But every now and then when he is too tired or too sore or if he works too long I get at the hob and get going. The children love a dish from where I come from called “Kaesespaetzle” which is homemade noodles with cheese. You are actually supposed to bake it in the oven and serve it with caramelised onions but the kids prefer it just with freshly grated cheese and some salad.

Ah, here we have arrived at the above-mentioned side dish. I love side dishes. All those lovely little things that can make a meal a feast. Especially all sorts of salad. From the potatoe salad how it is made where I come from with a vinaigrette of bouillon, vinegar, mustard, onions and pepper to fancy salads with lots of peppers, tomatoes, cucumber….

In summer when it is really hot I am quite happy with just a bowl full of salad and a piece of bread but well, that’s not a side dish :-).

Have just been wondering what else is supposed to be a side dish? Potatoes, chips or pasta? Vegetables probably. Well, that’s a “yes, yes” for me too. As a “nearly” vegetarian (I still eat fish and seafood every now and then which is actually a pescetarian) I love all things veggie. Not even beetroot can stop me anymore and I really hated those as a child.

No matter what is on the side: I love food. Good homemade simple food. Such a shame I just had a meal. This post made me so peckish :-).

This entry takes part in Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday “side“. Please head over and find more amazing SoCS posts. If you are tempted to take part: Here are the rules

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