“Love Is In Da Blog” ~ Imaginary Friends

Ok, guys, I bet you wonder what “imaginary friends” might have to do with “Love”. Well, in my opinion, it has to do with self-love and with that I come full circle to the beginning of this first “Love Is In Da Blog” February.

When I was a very young and very lonely child I had three imaginary friends. I kept them secret. I didn’t want anyone to know. They were two females and a male and today I would say they were something like a fairy or a pixie.

They explained life to me, they comforted me and they motivated me to just get on with it. No matter how hard. Once I grew a little older and “converted” to a kind of “born again” Christianity I felt they were a bad thing so I said “Goodbye” to them but life somehow got a little more boring and certainly more lonely.

Therefore today I suggest to you to celebrate your imaginary friends or if you never had one those you read about or you saw in a film. Anything goes in this second to last prompt on “Love Is In Da Blog” so even if you do not like this prompt at all go full circle and do another one on self-love!

Now my darlings: go, create and have lots of fun!

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