A One-Liner Stream of Consciousness Saturday

2014 SoCS badge

This line takes part in Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Please follow the link to find the prompt and other brilliant posts.


Sorry, Linda but my poor mourning brain could only come up with this:

Pat put “Pit” her pet on the pot!

(no, this post has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that both Terry Pratchett and his creation Death love/loved cats and I am obsessing a little on the topic of his departure from this life….. 🙂 )

4 thoughts on “A One-Liner Stream of Consciousness Saturday

    1. Well, I am really surprised that it affects me so much. Didn’t expect it at all. It feels a little like his soul has touch me and made me aware of what I could do if I would just get out of my muddle :-). Thanks for your prompt. It was a joy to take part again and the other posts were great too. Still have to read a few though. Have a great week!


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