Blast from the Past: #290 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Transformation ~ a #poem

July 2019
I am still surprised how much his death bothered me…
March 2015
Tomorrow will be a week that Sir Terry Pratchett has taken Deaths arm and left this universe.

Even though, I loved his books and admired his fight against Alzheimer’s and for a change in the law about assisted suicide I am surprised how much his passing has affected me.

I read Neil Gaiman’s article in The Guardian about his friend Terry Pratchett in which he said that Pratchett was not a jolly old elf but an angry man. However, Pratchett had the ability to use the energy of this anger to fuel his creativity and his charity work.

That made me think a lot, and I felt: I would love to do that!

How much could I write and create if I’d be able to do that transformation of anger, fear and pain into creativity? Maybe that is what his passing was meant to teach me.



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