SoCS asks “Who am I?”

Selfie of Bee and SherkyWho am I?

This is a famous poem by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was a German pastor who worked against the Nazi’s. He was imprisoned in Berlin in 1943 and was hanged on April 9th 1945.

I read it first when I was a teenager and it has deeply influenced me. It lead to at least two or three poems where I expressed my questions about my identity. It has also influenced my idea about religion or more: spirituality: The idea that God/the Universe/the Life Force (however you want to call it) does know me and believes in me. And I always hoped to be able to be calm in diversity which I have not achieved….. yet :-).

It also seems to me a more important question today than ever before as we can take on so many persona’s using the internet. Many criticise that us on the internet means that we only show what we want to show and it would give a wrong impression.

I do not believe that though. I have met several people who are pretty good at it in face to face interactions. I believe those who are genuine as a person in real life will be genuine as internet users. Those who are not genuine in real life won’t be on the internet.

And I also believe that we recognise both. Our intuitions tell us exactly whom we are dealing with. We are just not used to believe in its messages as we are taught that only logic counts. And logic has lead me astray a few times…..

Well, so who am I? What do I stand for as I asked a few days ago on my other blog?

The older I get the more I believe that this is a question that cannot be answered with one sentence or one trait. We are a multitude of thoughts, experiences, heritage, emotions that play together in a complex way. We are a miracle who change daily and maybe we should not question ourselves too much.

Maybe we should just experience ourselves in this form and in this universe in all its glory and all its difficulties!

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