#Poem of the Day: #313 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Binaural Tones ~ A Blast from the Past

This entry was first posted in April 2015 on my old blog and I am now often working with binaural tones. It seems to work well with me but it’s not everybody’s thing:

Last week I had a sore throat. Usually, I have a healing routine to not let this get into a proper cold: I drink ginger tea with lemon and honey twice a day, put a drop of geranium oil at night on my pillow and a drop of eucalyptus oil on my duvet. I also drink lots and lots of water or herbal tea which stops the cold from coming full on.

This time though I did do this routine only for a day and then thought: “Ah, it will be ok!” Of course, it wasn’t and by the end of the week, I had a full blown cold with headache, runny nose and breathing difficulty. If that happens the only thing I change to the above is that I take one or two paracetamol at night to make sure I can sleep well.

I am experimenting lately with guided meditations and have found a brilliant one for grounding so I thought: maybe there is something against colds as well. Well, I did not really find a meditation but something called “binaural tones”. You are supposed to listen to strange sounding tones which have different frequencies. You need to listen to it via headphones and one ear is supposed to hear one frequency the other ear the other frequency.

Well, without the headphones it does not really make a difference. The paracetamol I had taken just before did relieve the headache a little but nothing more happened. But it was worth trying and I think I will try it with the headphones and then see what will happen.

binaural tones
funny sounds
annoying me
supposed to
cold and flu
bad hearing

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