SoCS compliments…

or complements????

Is that a word in English? Who knows…..

Well, I know now as I just checked with Leo.

What you don’t know Leo?

It’s an online dictionary that translates German into different languages. I wouldn’t be the blogger I am without Leo :-).


I like all of them:

the compliment

to compliment

the complement


to complement

They seem to me to be of French origin and no I am not going to research that now. My interest in languages is great but there are limits even to my curiosity :-).

By the way I could have known that “to complement” is a word in English as it is part of the prompt isn’t it? Well, maybe that bottle of Savanna Cidreย (yes I agree with Stella Artois: C’est cidre not cider ๐Ÿ˜‰ )ย does have a little impact on my thinking skill.

But where was I?

Oh yes, compliment/complement! What I originally wanted to write before I went astray was: I do get compliments for my English from customers at work. They usually say things like: “Your English is brilliant. Not like my German” and then they start speaking in perfect German and I can’t answer because I am losing my mother tongue.

Well…. I am pondering that anyway. My mother tongue! Is it really German or is it English?

My theory?

I was born 10 years too late and in the wrong country. I actually should have been born in Great Britain sometime in 1960 but my soul didn’t really want to come back and go through all the sh.. again. I also suspect that the exploding atom bomb in 1945 in Japan muddled the time continuum up and confused most souls re-incarnations. So we are all not where we should be and that’s why there is so much violence, war and abuse in this time and age.

Not that I can change anything about that neither can I prove my theory. Never mind.

Did you know that I try to complement my blogs a little more? Uhm maybe more connect them than complement :-). This month I take part in @FrauPaulchen’s #frapalymo a German poetry project similar to “Poetry Month”.

Since years I translate her prompts as I write my poetry rather in English than in German. But as Blogger somehow isn’t as good at connecting bloggers as WordPress is, I have decided to do an extra post to let you know about the prompts on “The Bee Writes…”.

I will do other things like that too later on in the year but for now this must do. Supposedly I have bitten off more than I can chew: This month I will write the translation to the prompts from @FrauPaulchen and the English poem on “The Bee Writes…”. Then I do the German version of my poem on “Something Random Now And then” and the post here. Besides one of the other German participants agreed for me to translate her poems into English so that might be another post for “The Bee Writes…”. Do you think I am addicted to blogging?????? And do you think that’s a compliment or does complement anything?????

description for visually impaired readers: Silver Buddha Candle holder with tea light lit

This post takes part in Linda G. Hills wonderful “Stream of Consciousness Saturday“. Please head over and find more brilliant posts in the comments.

11 thoughts on “SoCS compliments…

  1. I wouldn’t have known from your writing that English isn’t your mother tongue. I’d love to be fluent in another language!
    Nice post, Bee. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the meditative end! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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