#337 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee & #frapalymo prompt 4. May 2015 ~ Honey Bee

Wow, it’s so brilliant that #frapalymo has gone international. Who would have thought. Sometimes you just have to stay persistent :-). The coupled prompt is over and today it will be honey sweet. But here are @FrauPaulchen’s words:

(This is my translation from @FrauPaulchen’s post here)

that have been two wonderful #frapalymo days – thank you very much for so much city flair and country pecularity! i have to admit i am a secret fan of these double prompts. so far they have produced special poems, which is the reason why we will have two more – quasi on per “decade”….. 

i am a not at all secret fan of the lovely @einsilbig (German language Twitter account) gorgeous touching tweets and words, which touch my soulskin immediately. that is why I thank her again for one of her gem quotes which will be our prompt. 

the prompt for the poem on 4. May is: “when it rained honey last time and I glazed myself barefoot”. pure poetry and for us an excellent prompt, I believe. thank you, dear @einsilbig!

and the small print: please let me know via email or Twitter, if you take part. then i can post the link to your blog/poem on Twitter. or post the link in the comments under the daily prompt post on my blog. hashtag for Twitter is #frapalymo and I am @FrauPaulchen.

* please consider the fact that you do not need to use the exact words of the prompt at #frapallymo. they are meant to encourage you to think and verse. if you would like to use the exact words please give credit to the one they come from. thank you very much. 

Image of a bumble bee in grass

Suggestions for taking part in the English version of #frapalymo

1. read translation of @FrauPaulchen’s prompt here on Bee’s blog
2. write your English (German if you can/want to) poem on your blog and tag it with “English #frapalymo”
3. use the “English #frapalymo” picture
4. set a link to the translated prompt here on Bee’s blog
5. visit other links posted here and if you want to/can those posted with the hashtag #fapalymo on Twitter
6. The Bee will post your link to the German #frapalymo and translate for you if you want to

It already has become a multi-country/language project! Thanks!!!!!

Please head over to Mariela Nortina and Helen Espinosa to find English #frapalymo poems


He called me “honey bee”

He called me “honey bee”
naked poison
in my soul

He called me “honey bee”
barefoot stings
in his words.


He called me “honey bee”
hopes flower
took me away

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