May Poetry Project ~ #frapalymo 4

Today’s prompt was taken from a tweet but find out more here

And this is what I made from a honey sweet tweet:

He called me “honey bee”

He called me “honey bee”

naked poison
in my soul

He called me “honey bee”
barefoot stings
in his words.


He called me “honey bee”
hopes flower
took me away

And for all those of you who missed yesterdays participants in English #frapalymo:

Mariela Nortina ~ Southern Love

Helen Espinosa ~ Nature’s Heartbeat

You can find all these and the German poems here #frapalymo

0 thoughts on “May Poetry Project ~ #frapalymo 4

    1. Thank you very much. I love yours with all it’s stickyness 🙂 it’s quite amazing how many different poems can be created from just one prompt. Am off to translate todays…. 🙂

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