Mindful Monday ~ I don’t like Mondays

What I do like though is music and if you are born in the 70’s you probably know the song :-). Not quite sure where to go with this today but I’ll get there somehow I hope.

As I wrote in the headline I don’t like Monday’s. Well, when I have to work an early shift. I know I repeat myself but that still bothers me and as I am just back to work this week it comes up again of course.

One way for me to deal with things that bother me is listening to music. To be honest, when I am alone at home I hardly have the TV on. It usually is YouTube or CD’s but more often I have nothing on and am singing. There is nothing like singing a native American chant to bring yourself back into reality when you’ve lost your grounding and your mind works like an ants nest. You just breathe that little bit deeper and the notes resonate with your soul.

Or if there is a song you really like and you automatically start dancing to it. Didn’t they say:” Dance like no ones watching?”. I always hated dancing but when I had an apartment for myself for the first time I started to dance around when music came on and I just lost myself in it. But afterwards, I felt so much more in myself and so much more aware of myself and my surroundings.

I suppose music can have both effects: distract you but also bring your mind into the present moment to realise what is going on and that is a great thing I believe. Therefore my mindful goal for this week is to sing a song or dance when I feel like I am losing my grounding and my mindfulness 🙂

Music resource: Meditation and Healing via YouTube

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