SoCS names it

Linda’s prompt for tomorrow oh today is “names”.

I am writing this Friday evening and schedule it (hopefully really do it not like yesterdays prompt for #frapalymo which I just saved but never scheduled…. ups ๐Ÿ™‚ ) so when you read this I’ll be throwing happy smiles at customers at the day job.

Probably won’t have the will to write anything after that so I have to do some planning and speeding ahead :-).

Ok, names. Well, the first thing that came to mind is the expression: “You name it”. I love that. It gives the reader or listener such freedom to put in place whatever they want. I quite often use it in my blogging and I believe there is no proper translation for that into German. Expressions both in English and German which can’t really be translated into the other language fascinate me.

Life’s not really that different no matter where we live. We want to be happy, have something to eat and a roof over our heads. If we are lucky we have a good job and some friends. That’s about it no matter where you live and what language you speak.

And still there are those little things that we say without thinking about it when we grow up with a language. What often makes someone who learns your mother tongue laugh, sounds perfectly serious to you. I often wonder why there are things that just cannot be said in another language.

I believe that language actually is a great part of who you are. Maybe you know the musical “My Fair Lady” which is an adaption of Georg Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion“. A phonetics professor tries to teach a flower girl “good language” and make her appear like a princess at an ambassadors party. Well, of course, he falls in love with her but that’s another story :-).

She actually makes it and all at that party believe she is a princess. That just proves how much the way you speak, the way you use your language makes you who you are. So what if you are bi-lingual or are able to speak even more languages? How does that change you? Do you take on characteristics of the country the language is spoken in?

Who knows….

I believe I have changed since I am more proficient in English. My writing certainly has bloomed, something I never would have thought when I was in the country I was born in. Last week I wrote about the idea, that I was born ten years too late and in the wrong country. My relationship with the English language seems to prove that.

About two years before I started learning English at school I bugged my cousin to teach me English expressions and I was singing ” Lady Madonna” or “Let it Be” from the Beatles without a clue what I was singing about. I just loved the sound of the language. I was so eager to learn it. One of our neighbors was an English teacher who helped me with pen friends from England, India and the Caribic as soon as I started to learn the language. Writing was quite hard then because I had to look up pretty much every second word. Still, I loved it.

Well, just a little pondering about language and in a way “naming things” :-). I get tired now and have another early start tomorrow so I’ll leave you to your own pondering. Maybe the prompt for tomorrow’s #frapalymo poem is up as well. Then I can schedule that post too and have some “writing-free” time after work.

Hopefully I really schedule it and don’t just save……. *giggle*


This post takes part in Linda’s wonderful “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” and somehow went a little astray…. so please head over and see what other have made from “names” ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks very much but no I grew up speaking German. But as I wrote I always had a knack for English. And now its French that I have my ears set on :-). Let’s see how that will change me ๐Ÿ™‚

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