And a tiny SoCS

Before I forget it in my excitement πŸ™‚ : This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s wonderful “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” meme. Please head over and find more great posts about “ke” in the comments.

Today I’m not good with making my own words up but google translate told me that “ke” means “to” in Indonesian. It did not tell me though if it is “to do something” or “to go to something” or maybe both. Anyone out there who knows Indonesian?

Well, we go to…. oh I repeat myself but to be honest I am sooooooooooooo excited. We are going to the Hay Festival. One of the UK’s great Literature and Arts Festivals that until last February I have never heard of. The line-up is quite impressive even though we will only see Jacqueline Wilson one of the youngest favourite authors. If I knew more about it and knew it earlier I would have tried to get the whole week off and would have implored the husband to go camping.

Not that he minds that because he is the best husband “in the world” (Jeremy Clarkson voice) and he would have, even though he is not the bookish kind. Making his wife and daughter happy though is something he would do under all circumstances. Looks like there is a holiday to sort out for next year :-).

This year will be a little stressful as the best husband “in the world” (Jeremy Clarkson voice) had to work this morning or rather night and will be working Sunday/Monday night again and Hay unfortunately is pretty much at the other end of the United Kingdom seen from our location.

Never mind. He drives the scoobie pretty fast and well (ex-fireman and fire-engine driver (have I ever told you that I adore my husband????)) so I am sure Google’s estimated 4 hours and 24 min will only be 3 hours and 24 min. I will sufficiently report next week as I am now off to bake some bread and pack.

TaKE good care and have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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