#362 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee & again no #frapalymo

Blogging and writing have always been a way of expressing my feelings and dealing with depression and PTSD. One can think what one wants about poetry dealing with mental health issues but over time I have become aware that many great writers and artists do suffer or have suffered from depression. Even though there are many prejudices towards people suffering from mental health issues these writers and artists have been very successful in what they are and were doing.

Mental health is part of my creativity and work

So I have come to accept that PTSD and depression are just part of my writing, blogging and my poetry. It is part of me and yesterday’s poem has brought up some deep fears that still haunt me.
The day job is quite busy as it was a bank holiday and school holidays were still on which did not help either. So I just have to step down a little and do myself something good.

I won’t translate @FrauPaulchen’s post today

Therefore, I won’t translate @FrauPaulchen’s post today.
Here though I will just do “A Prompt A Day For Bee” and as before it will be the black dog in my mind.

Today’s poem

Maybe it is also the fact that soon something new will start. “A Prompt A Day For Bee” ends on Sunday and I already have started to work over my blog to make it more user-friendly and prepare it for the next step: More visual and haiku poetry and what’s up in the UNESCO Literature Cities. I live close to one so it would be stupid not to use the opportunities. But here a homage to my black dog.
Still thin
Still thin
At my
Predetermined breaking point
I shiver
And sigh.
In human form
Scratching at it’s
Or Firewall
Is strong enough
It seems.
I didn’t break
I still don’t break
I fray
Me floating
In a universe
New words

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