Good Morning Writers! ~ A Year of Daily Poetry…from a long time ago

This post is a blast from the past. I first posted it in June 2015. Much has changed since and I am trying out different poetry forms again. Mostly I write haiku-inspired poetry. Over the years I realised I like it short. So I thought it’s a great retrospective to see where I come from. Please enjoy:

A year of daily poetry is over.

But first: How are you doing? How is your writing going? Do you still enjoy your story, poetry, and other writing?

My last “A Prompt A Day For Bee” post

Today I’ll post my last “A Prompt A Day For Bee” poem as I forgot to post one in March which I did not register until later. It’s a nice start to the “new area” of my writing, and I have to say I am quite excited.

A little more experimental with my poetry

On the one hand, because I have managed to post a new poem of mine every day for a year, on the other hand because I have decided to become a little more experimental with my poetry. Yes, I know, I have not written a poem a day as planned in the beginning. My day job has just changed over the time, and I realised I had to write a few posts on my day off because I simply had no energy left in the evening or afternoon after work to write more.
I hope you will forgive me and I also hope that you will stay with my new poetry adventures. I won’t tell you anything yet. Simply because I do not know anything yet.

Just playing with words not my cup of tea

A few weeks ago, I read “Mac Low, Cage, Root Poetics” a post on “Harriet the Blog” by the Poetry Foundation. I wanted to know what “procedural poetry” is. Unfortunately, this post did not enlighten me at all, but it gave me that massive urge to do something different with my poetry.
I usually like my poetry to make sense. One of my definitions of poetry is: It makes sense of life and life experiences. I am not a huge fan of poetry that just plays with words or sentences that make no sense at all. Don’t get me wrong: there are some fantastic creations out there done that way, and I believe they have their right to existence. It is just not my cup of tea.

Want to explore new ways of writing poetry

However, doing my poetry project for a year showed me how many different forms are out and how much more I could do with poetry. I started feeling like my poetry has come to a dead-end before, but throughout that year, my eyes were opened to so many other possibilities of writing poetry.
And now I want to explore some of them a little closer. And maybe I can manage to create my new poetry form. Who knows …
So, what are your new adventures in your writing?

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