The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt ~ Socks

This made me laugh. I certainly had some great ideas in 2015:
Why on earth do washing machines eat socks? And why oh why do both supermarkets and schools expect you to have black socks?

Idea for the first prompt for “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt.”

While I was hanging up our menagerie of socks, I was pondering these questions.  My husband and step son have nearly the same shoe size, so does my step- daughter and I and all are black. Imagine the fun I have not to get them muddled up!!!
I needed a break from writing because somehow, I couldn’t find the right poetry prompt.
And suddenly it hit me:

Make a poem with your socks!

I believe no one has tried that yet. That’s why I believe it to be the perfect start to my new “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt”.

How to execute this week’s “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt.”

As promised, “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” is experimental but if you line up a haiku with your socks or just write a poem with the word “sock” or “socks” in it is entirely up to you.
As I mentioned yesterday: This is supposed to be fun, so please do with your socks and your poetry what you please.

Suggestions on how to take part:

And here are the suggestions to take part in “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt”:
  •     Read “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” here on, “The Bee Writes…” on Wednesdays.
  •     Write your poem
  •     Post it on your blog or here in the comment section or both
  •     You have time for that until the next Tuesday.
  •     Use “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” picture if you want to
  •     Go and read another “Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” Poem from the comments.
  •     Most of all have lots of fun
If you post your poem on your blog, please leave a comment with the link to it here on the prompt post so I can visit your blog and read it. Thank you very much.
 I’ll post my creation on Friday and already have several ideas. Can’t wait to get knitting uhm writing 🙂
Now go my day jobbers, create a poem with your socks, and most of all have fun!

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