A “socky” start to “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt”

August 2020

It is so fun to have a look back at my old posts. And I feel they weren’t as bad as I thought they were.

June 2015

Last week was the start of my new poetry project called: “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt”. And what a start it was. I asked the participants to “write a poem with your socks”. It was up to them how experimental they wanted to go.
Because “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” is supposed to be an experimental prompt. We want to push the boundaries of our poetry. Both in the direction of the use of words and expressions but also about how to incorporate other media.

First participant.

Rose was so kind as to share her funny poem about her “socky” backyard adventures, and you can read it here: Bohemian Nerd ~ The Truth About .I have to admit, though that I had to look up the word “illustrious”. Thanks, Rose! I feel honoured!!!!
I hope the war is won;-)!

Mine pushed boundaries:

My version of the “socky” adventure involved glue, wool, a camera, snow and of course words. It was fun too,and you can find it here: Poem at night ~ Sock. (I had to delete this post as the poem was on an image that I lost)

And what will I challenge you with tomorrow?

I think it will be about bathroom doors and involve my most favourite poetry and writing in general page “Language is a Virus.”
So you better go and meditate on your bathroom door. Who knows which stories it will tell you or what experimental idea you get from it. You know: My prompts are very free for interpretation!
The goal is to have fun with our poetry and to try out new things and push our boundaries. There is nothing more inspiring than trying out something new. Just to forget all the rules we have learned about “proper” poetry. In the end, creativity and poetry are evolving activities. Both grow and change regularly.
Please stay tuned for tomorrow’s prompt!

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