Mindful Monday ~ Colours

August 2020

A short and lovely text from 2015 about being mindful of the colours around us. How true it still is… I re-publish it at its old date.

June 2015

Are you aware of the abundance of colour around you?

So often we go about our day, walk along the same streets, drive along the same villages and are not aware anymore how beautiful everything is around us.

There is that deep red rose in the front garden. The sun comes up in a bright orange sky. That child wears a beautiful yellow skirt. That meadow along the road is more than fresh and green. You might be able to see the light blue line of the ocean along the horizon. There is also a funny purple car.

Wouldn’t that make you happy if you only would be mindful of it?


This post takes part in Colleens wonderful Mindful Monday!

5 thoughts on “Mindful Monday ~ Colours

  1. You’re very right about that. How many times we have beauty in front of us and we don’t see it? I can say that until 3 years ago I behaved like that. Sometimes it takes some crisis to stop us from our lack of awareness.
    Thanks for a wonderful post.
    Have a lovely week.

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