“Grimm” on “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt”

Another week over, and it is time to remind you of last weeks “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt.”

Grimm Prompt

I called it a “Grimm Prompt” because I discovered the TV series Grimm and watched a few episodes back to back on my day off last week. That clearly inspired me, and so I wrote last week:
“Well, I suspect we all have our nemesis. Experiences or people who grimly reaped some of our innocence, some happiness or anything that is significantly important to us. These experiences changed us in the first place but expressing these experiences can be a very healing experience.
Yes, this is an extremely personal prompt. Fairy tales though have the ability to find symbols and characters that express the highly personal experiences in general terms. And that is what we are going to do this week.
Think about an experience that reaped you of something important, find symbols for it but also discover the strength that helped/helps you to deal with it. So we call this week’s prompt:
“Strengths I discovered through the Grimm Reaper.””

A Challenge

That clearly was a challenge, but I feel like Rose, and I (and hopefully some more poets in secret) have faced it bravely and wrote great poems.

Rose at “Bohemian Nerd” Poem

Rose at “Bohemian Nerd” had to make a little detour to find her poem. Please feel free to head over and read all about it here: My Grimm Poem.

The Bee met the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.

I took on a fairy tale we all know I suspect: It was Little Red Riding Hood with a twist, and you can find out all about it here.

And this week’s prompt?

This weeks prompt will be a lighter topic but maybe not less a challenge. I will introduce you to a wonderful and funny poetess who does a rhyming challenge every week. But to find out more stay tuned tomorrow…

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