Poem on Friday ~ Survived

July 17th, 2015

I am a very lucky girl!

Not only do I live in my dream country, have the best husband in the world and can write as much as I want to. I am also still alive!!!

A few days ago I drove to work and a car took my right of way. I nearly crashed into that car at approximately 60mph. I would probably have been killed as well as the driver of that car. And there were other cars too which might have been involved.

The only explanation I have is that all our guardian angels worked overtime. Nothing whatsoever happened. I could stop at the side and let all other cars go by until I calmed down a little and could drive again. I shortly thought about going home because I was clearly under shock, but I thought if I’d do that I would never ever get back in a car and drive. So I went on, concentrating triple on my way to work and arriving there just sat down and had a cup of tea until I calmed fully down.

Against popular belief, my life did not run before my eyes like a movie. My whole being only concentrated on one single thing: BREAK!!!!!!

Afterwards, I just gave thanks to the heavenly powers who protected me. The whole way to work and back!!!!

Since then I’m wondering what has changed because something has. I’m not suddenly doing more or everything I still want to do but who knows? Maybe that will still happen.
It felt a little like something died in me on that day. Something negative. It might be that feeling of insecurity that I kept ever since surviving abuse.

Suddenly I feel protected because on that day some power had its hand in the game. Looks like I still have to accomplish something. The only question is what?

But here my visual poem for #djepp (sorry Rose not very exciting and clearly not as intriguing as yours 🙂 )

My whole being
the breaking of
a little white

no squealing
no life running down
before my

just that wish




You can find the prompt for this poem here.

And here are the suggestions on how to take part:

  • Read “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” here on “The Bee Writes…” on Wednesdays
  • Write your poem as close or far from the prompt as you feel comfortable
  • Post it on your blog or here in the comment section or both
  • You have time for that until the next Tuesday
  • Use “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” picture if you want to
  • Use the hashtag #djepp (Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt) when sharing on social media
  • Go and read another “Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” Poem from the comments
  • Most of all have lots of fun

Now my dear fellow day jobbers: go, create and have lots of fun!

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