Poem on Friday ~ Dreams

This post was first published in July 2015 and I re-post it at the original date:

On Wednesday, I challenged my fellow day jobbers to write a poem about their dreams. Coming from Top Gears dream cars I was wondering what my dreams are.

I have fulfilled most of my dreams

At nearly 45 years of age I have to say I have achieved most of my dreams from my youth: I have a wonderful husband & family, I live in my favourite country and I create every day.

Where I stand

I am probably a little more than halfway through my lifetime and it occupies me a lot what to do with the rest of my life. Which dreams are now important?

Let’s go explore:


To go not further
With the debt I caused
To find a place
We call our own
To heal those who
Are in need of dignity
Those are my dreams
And nothing more

What about you?

So what about you? Have you fulfilled any of your dreams? Do you know which they are? And can I invite you to explore these questions in a poem?

And here is how to:

•Read “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” here on “The Bee Writes…” on Wednesdays
•Write your poem as close or far from the prompt as you feel comfortable
•Post it on your blog or here in the comment section or both
•You have time for that until the next Tuesday
•Use “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” picture if you want to
• Go and read another “Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” Poem from the comments
• Most of all have lots of fun

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Now my dear fellow day jobbers: go, create and have lots of fun!

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