English #frapalymo in November 15

I published this post first in November 2015 on my old blog “Fooling Around With Bee” which does not exist anymore. All posts are going to be integrated here on this blog. The event has ended:

As promised a few days ago “English #frapalymo” has started again. You can find all the explanations on “The Bee Writes…”:

English #frapalymo prompt 1nov15

As I posted the translation of the prompt over at “The Bee Writes…” I will post the poem here. I will do it the other way round on the days I post the prompts here. Again for explanations head over to my other blog.

Ah, I am excited to jump head-on into another poetry project but I am also a little worried. I have cut down my blogging a little to do some living and I am not sure if I can get back into an everyday writing schedule. I have a feeling though that the excitement will win :-).

I have gone a little wild with today’s poem. Didn’t really feel like versing so I wrote down in a brainstorming way the words that came to me via the prompt. Then I went to “Language is a Virus” and posted the words into the “Cut Up Machine“. I cut the text flow twice until something like a Dadaist poem emerged.

So here we go: Today’s poem

circle of life?

but future

see my circles


peace at wandering

human of glee

nonetheless at upon last my

my life last see here peace

happiness love of wandering circles

in the circles

mothers in peace

sisters brothers and love again

last at all fathers at

in indeed peace

peace love mountains

them the human again

paths above circles of last prey


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