When your mind blows up

I published this first in November 2015. While all this is true I am in a much better place today. Please seek help if your wellbeing is in a bad place: Find helplines here on my Pinterest Board

When your mind blows up it is like trying to stop a tsunami breaking into your house with your bare hands. You desperately press against the door but you know its useless. Not long and you are shoved back by all your emotions and you bang against the nooks and crannies of your life.

When you come through you see everything you worked so hard for destroyed and washed away but there is always someone standing out there (not those close to you, those who know you and your fight) telling you to get yourself together and to look on the bright side. And then they wonder when more than your mind explodes…..

9 thoughts on “When your mind blows up

    1. Yes I know but that’s the problem this time. I have managed it so well and suddenly everything g went output of hand due to lack of knowledge at my workplace. Last time before it happened anxiety was was my constant companion. Since last autumn I experienced for the first time how it feels to be safe. There were ups and downs but I could handle them. So this breakdown is so much harder for me. I know I can do it but I am so tired of fighting

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