Of Forests and Wasps ~ A Story (Part II)

Yesterday we heard about Robert’s family’s “holiday home” a tipi and how Robert got afraid of Forests. We also found out about his friend Squirrel and his uncle:

An hour later they were through the forest and sat on a huge boulder hanging a bit over the edge of the rocks. It’s dark grey seemed to have collected all the warmth of the rising sun. The wind was still cold and Robert wished he could watch the hawk again. But they were sitting on the other side of “Where blessings flow bountifully” which faced north. They could see the green, yellow and brown of the flats as their people called the flat area around the city. There was a quilt of meadows, wheat- and corn fields. They were not high enough yet to see over the forest to the south where Hawk Mountain was situated. Robert was totally exhausted. He just stared at the flats not even realising that they could hear pheasants his favourite birds calling further up the mountain.

He had been tense the whole two hours they walked briskly upwards. He used to love this path as the view from the boulder at the end of it was amazing. He tried to remember the view when walking through the forest but he could just concentrate on his hurting muscles, his tight chest and breath that stopped constantly. He nearly hyperventilated. His father got worried and wanted to stop for a while but Robert just wanted to get away from the forest. “At least drink something” his father had urged him.

He now laid down on the boulder feeling the warmth of the stone and the sun above. Insects were humming around them and he was glad not to smell the dampness of the forest anymore. “I do not want to go back!” he thought. The images of the tall oak and pine trees, that felt like they were all gathering together to attack him, came into his mind. Of course, he knew trees could not do that. But it felt like any second they would let another huge animal through them just to mock him.

His father pointed backwards. “See over there! That tall pine tree? There is the nest. The mother should be out already for food. We have to be very careful if we want to get to the chick!” Robert was supposed to watch out for the mother while his father would get up the tree with a handful of sparrows and mice. He’ll grab the hawk while feeding it. “Shall we?” his father asked. “OK!” Robert said not at all ready.

“Please stay underneath the tree and tell me if the mother comes back as soon as you spot her” “Yes dad!” Robert knew. His father had taught him long ago. He watched his father walk through the high meadow grass and blue and white little flowers. He made a trail through it and Robert would follow soon when his father had prepared. He would connect with Mother Earth, apologize to the bird’s mother and then get on the spikes to climb up the tree. Robert got up from the warm stone and went along the little trail his father had left. He situated himself a bit further from the tree to be able to see the sky as well as the tree.

Robert watched his father getting up higher and higher. He heard the light scratch when his father’s spikes got into the bark of the tree. He was watching the sky. “It is unusual that the mother does not hunt here!” There was more than enough space for mice and sparrows and what not to be found here. But he could not find a glimpse of the bird. A sudden creak that seems to cut through his bones made him look back at his father. But he could not find him up the tree. He had not heard the faint thud with which his father hit the ground. “OH my god!” Robert ran to the tree. ”No No Nonononononono!” He reached his father and saw his big body laying lifeless on the floor. One of the spikes leather stripes had broken while the other food was not on the bark yet. The spike was still hanging in the bark up the tree. There was a big bleeding wound on his fathers head where it hit the little rock that laid on the ground. “Breathe, breathe” Robert said to himself. His chest got so tight. He started to shiver badly. He sat beside his father closing his eyes. “What can I do?!” But there was just emptiness inside of him. “Father!” He cried out but his father did not answer. There was a calm hoot somewhere. It was his father’s animal spirit guide’s call but Robert could not see it with his inner eye. Another hoot just a bit louder. Robert opened his eyes and saw an owl sitting on the first branch of a young beach next to the pine. “I greet and honour you!” He said in a trembling voice and suddenly knew what to do:

to be continued

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