The Bee Writes… #amwriting diary 23.9.17

Last week I was all into “rewriting my story”. This week I don’t feel it at all. You know, that motivation to consider myself a blogger, writer and reader who does her posts to her fullest potential and to read enough to do some more book reviews.

I have just finished my #mentalhealth diary post for yesterday afternoon where I tried out a couple of new things like doing my headlines with pictures via Buffer’s Pablo and using CoSchedule’s “Click to Tweet”. I have also written a post for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge and one to help men get help for their mental health.

I am a bit tired now. I feel like I did nothing even though I produced three nice posts but I remembered that I haven’t even started to write that story of the woman who gets over her past. How can I ever finish any unfinished projects this year?

Yea, I know, life happened. Stress at work, at home and my #mentalhealth going up and down doesn’t help. And that is exactly the point where I have given up previously. That is when that “story” kicks in that I am not good enough, that I do not have enough time and that it all is for nothing anyway.

Since last week I am telling myself: I am not giving in to those stories! Life, home and mental health will not stop me from blogging and writing those stories, posts and poems anymore. There must be a reason why I come back to my blog time and time again. It probably means that I actually have something to say.and that somewhere out there are people who need to hear what I have to say. I better stop moaning and get a grip on myself!

But I tried so many times before and I always gave up and went somewhere else. So what might be different now?

First of all, I have made my blogging home at the self-hosted “The Bee Writes…” blog. That’s where I stay, that’s where I put most of my previous content together and that is where I revisit my old posts and integrate them into a lovely place.

Secondly, I have signed up with Mailchimp many moons ago to create a newsletter and at last, have started the very same. The second one went out yesterday afternoon and you can find out more here (this link doesn’t exist anymore).

Thirdly I have developed something like a social media schedule. But more about that in another post later on. For now just this: I have discovered Crowdfire which is not only rather trendy but brilliant if you want to post your blog posts not only to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+ but the image-loving Instagram and Pinterest too. Have a look at Crowdfire here.

And last but not least: My dreams have always come true! May it be to live in the UK, find my soul mate (yes, husband that’s you!!!!!) or publish a book. It has come true so this blog adventure will become a success in its own right too. Because when it comes down to it: I am enough!

So, are there any writing plans for the coming week? Yes, I keep blogging, get at least the first of three parts of my love story written and write a couple of poems. Stay tuned to find out if I have managed :-).

And what about you? Are you troubled by self-doubt and how to do get over it?

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