#amwriting Diary 1Nov17: #NaNoWriMo No 1

It’s day 1 of National Novel Writing Month and I am winging it totally. Had planned to have all blog posts scheduled and my scene list done but well, life got in the way. That’s how it is, I have decided. My life and my goals never go to plan and I am pretty good at winging it. It only counts if I’ve done my 1600 per day in the end anyway. How I get there doesn’t really matter, does it?

However, that is not how it is going to work this year, anyway. My mum comes to visit us in two weeks time so I will be writing double this week as I am off work and have nothing else planned. This gives me free time for when she is here.

I also figured out how much I have to write if I need to have some days off writing in the week:
1995 per day with one day off per week
2334 per day with two days off per week
2918 per day with three days off per week

My NaNoWriMo plan 2017

And last but not least the plan is to write a post here for my #amwriting diary as a start for my writing sessions each day I write. It’s going to be interesting if that works. I am excited :-). I will also start a new file in Google Drive for every day as they have a word count tool so I can easily keep track.

Oh, you want to know what I am writing about?

Morsmart at the End of the Galaxy

Human society has been destroyed by business savvy aliens who have created supermarket planets that deliver to the whole universe and who needed a workforce. However, there is a small group of humans left on earth who live a minimalist lifestyle and have sent spies to those planets to take over and rescue their people. One is Rowan the son of the guerilla leader whose love for a store manager’s daughter make him change plans. He feels brainwashed from both sides but wants to bring them together with unforeseen consequences: the brainwashed human workforce goes mad when taken off their drugs, some minimalist settlers on earth discover their love for luxury goods and shopaholic aliens seek refunds for their lost goods. In the end, a force comes to the rescue that no one on either side expected.

This is an edited version of a blog series I wrote a couple of years ago but did not finish. NaNoWriMo 2017 hopefully helps me to get it in a better shape and find its end so that I can post it on my blog in 2018! Good luck to you all!

That’s my description on the National Novel Writing Month’s homepage.

How many words have I done so far?

Are you taking part in National Novel Writing Month and if so: How are you dealing with it?