#amwriting diary 2Nov17 ~ #NaNoWriMo17 No 2

Yesterday went off to a good start even though I am winging it a little. As I said, I want to finish a sci-fi/fantasy series I started a couple of years ago but suddenly ground to a halt because the whole lot got a little too complicated. And there is, of course, my funny mental health too. That is why “Morsmart at the End of the Galaxy” is part of my “2017 The Year of Finishing Unfinished Projects” project.

I was rather surprised how many words I could manage to write in a day: 3385 of my intended 3334 words. However, I am off work this week and have nothing else planned besides a little gardening and housework so it is easier than when I work. I am a little worried that I lose motivation as soon as the daily grind starts again. My plan is to write more words on my days off and when I have short shifts so that I can have a day or two off NaNo if need be. If that does not work I’ll have to change plans. It’ll sort itself out somehow, I guess.

This week I write even more words as I want to work ahead for the time that my step mum comes and visits us. So maybe I am worrying more than necessary because I have to write a little less later on in the month.

To give you a peek into my work so far a couple of paragraphs of my pretty unedited WIP:

She waved to Freya and opened the door. Inside Freya saw a round wooden table, several chairs and a couple of bunk beds. On the other side was something that was called a Kitchenette in the olden days. A microwave, sink and fridge all together in and on a sort of cupboard.

“ Please sit down,” Gale said. “ would you like something to drink?” “Some water, please!” Freya answered. “ So is our agent ready?” she added when Gale gave her a glass. Gale mustered Freya. “ How far do I trust you?” she thought but said. “ He’s not turned up yet!” “ Really?!” Freya raised an eyebrow. “ I would not have been sent out if not” she added. It was now Gale’s eyebrow to be raised. “ Communication has been known to be a bit sketchy at times.” She said. Freya did not bother to answer. “It’s not really my problem,” she thought.

“ Well, the parcel is delivered. We just need to get back out again.” Freya put her miniature ship on the table. Gale stayed quiet for a minute. “It would have been easier if you’d landed where no one could see you!” she then said looking at Freya. “ Yes, the thing is though black holes are not that stable, dear!”
Gale watched Freya drinking some water. “Is she old enough to patronize me?” she wondered.

“ That is understood. Unfortunately, security will be heightened for at least two weeks. When do you need to leave?” “An hour ago” Freya answered dryly. Gale started laughing. “ You are one of the tough ones, aren’t you?” Freya did not even smile. “ You won’t become captain of an airship if you are a doll, dear!” Gale stopped laughing. “No, you don’t. Neither do you become a coordinator for a guerilla organisation if you are stupid!” Now Freya could not stop herself from smiling. “Now that that is sorted” she then said, “ can we get on with the job at hand?”…

You can find the work’s description here on the National Novel Writing Month Homepage.

As for today, time is already running away. I got on the laptop around 8 and thought: “Brilliant lots of time”. My preparation for my NaNo writing sessions is to write a poem and to write a #amwriting diary post. Which in itself is a brilliant idea I suppose? However, I got caught up in #frapalymo plus creating a sensible blog post does need time. Never mind. It’s now just after 10 and after a good cuppa and a flapjack by the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world, I am sure I can make good progress.

You can check here how far I got. That is if the widget works 🙂 :
So what about your progress with #NaNoWriMo17. Or do you not take part?

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