#amwriting diary 3Nov17 ~ #NaNoWriMo17 No 3

I find it astonishing how much I can write if I get myself properly organised and just get on with it. Since Wednesday I do the double wordcount as my step mum comes to visit us later in the month and I won’t be writing then. I cannot believe I managed that so far. Of course, I am off work so it is easier. Still. It is also quite amazing how much I can create when I just let

my emotions fall away and just write. And when I let the inner critic and editor be silenced :-).

You might have realised that I got entangled in #frapalymo again. I had announced I would not translates this year’s prompts, however, it is such a great help for my own poetry writing to have prompts for a whole month so I thought I just do the prompts and write the poem in German. Then I thought:” Well, translate the poem for your English speaking readers”. And then I thought:” You have to add at least a mention of the prompt!”

So there we are: I am not fully translating Sophie’s prompt but I make a mention which gives you the chance to take part if you want to. Find “English #frapalymo here.

That’s it for today. Even though this post won’t go up until this evening I now have my #NaNoWriMo17 preparation done for today: Meditating, journaling, writing #frapalymo poem and schedule post, writing #amwriting diary and scheduling post. Let the new #NaNoWriMo17 #amwriting session begin….

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