#amwriting diary 4nov17 ~ #NaNoWriMo17 no 4

I wrote this post at lunchtime but it will be posted later on.

I am getting exhausted. It is day 4 of National Novel Writing Month and I have managed to write the double wordcount for the last three days. Today is the last day I have to do that (my step mum comes to visit us later in the month and I won’t be writing then) and I have decided to give myself a day off the writing and blogging tomorrow. Otherwise, I won’t last.

Next week I only need two days off the writing. One on my days off for refilling the well and one for a full day at the day job. So I will have to write around 2334 words per day of writing. That sounds not a lot after my stints of 3334 for the last couple of days. But we’ll see how it goes.

Yesterday I struggled a lot both with focussing on the writing as well as how to get on with the story. I jumped a little between storylines but as I have made a couple of changes to what I had created in 2014 I will have to work the whole thing over anyway before I will post it as a series in 2018. I got there in the end with the help of lots of mugs of tea.

I am late today with my writing session. We slept in and I had to do the shopping. Then a lovely breakfast and writing the #frapalymo poem as a startup for #NaNoWriMo17. I feel ready now. Mug of green Jasmin tea is ready and Rowan, Gale, Ron and the others are rearing to tell me where the story is to go to. Want a little peek in the WIP?

Here it is:

He did not make it to the aisle though. Blake came hurrying down the along the aisle towards him. “Rowan, I am sorry but Mr Morsmart wants to see you!” “Why?” Rowan asked. “I have no idea. He usually doesn’t confide in me, my son!” Blake answered. “Do Chan and Sadit know?” “I’ll tell them. Just hurry. Morsmart is in an especially bad mood today!”

Rowan turned back and entered the back again. Instead of turning left he went straight and up towards Morsmart’s hallowed halls. Sienna was waiting in front of Morsmart’s door. “There you are!” she said. Rowan looked at her but she said nothing more just opened the door.

Morsmart sat at his desk as usual but on the left-hand side stood Mitchell. “That was too easy this morning, wasn’t it?” Rowan thought. “Good morning sirs!” he said stopping in front of the desk. Morsmart looked up while Mitchell had watched him all along.

“Morning! You were found out of your quarters this morning?” “Yes” “What were you doing?”
“I saw a light moving from the carpark towards the bushes and found that strange. I wanted to make sure it was nothing suspicious!” Morsmart looked at Mitchell who did not react. “You are aware of the procedures here?” he asked Rowan then. “Uhm, we are to call security when we see something suspicious?” “Indeed!” “Why haven’t you done so?”
Rowan felt a rock in his stomach. Mitchell now looked pierced him with his eyes.
“Well, let’s say I have not had a very good start with your head of security. I wanted to make sure there was something before I told him. But he was there anyway. He is doing his job very well!” Neither Morsmart nor Mitchell’s expressions changed. “And did you find anything?” Morsmart asked? “No” was all Rowan could answer.

Morsmart got up and walked over to the window that led to the shop. He stood with his back both to Rowan and Mitchell. After a while, he turned and faced Mitchell. “ What are your suggestions?” “It looks to me like the young man is bored. He also has too much energy. Double gym time and some extra training with my men would be advisable!” Rowan swallowed. Morsmart turned to look at Rowan. “Not yet, Mitchell, not yet. Double gym time will do! You are dismissed. Go back to your duties!”

Rowan looked at Morsmart then Mitchell who waved him away but looked like he wanted to kill him. “That’s probably what’s going to happen if I get “training with his men,” Rowan thought. “Thank you sir!” he said, turned and left as fast as he could.

Sienna was still outside. “Keep your nose out of things that don’t concern you!” she whispered when he passed her. He did not turn to acknowledge her just walked to the doors and back towards the shop. He felt sick by the time he entered the new aisle and saw Chan and Sadit working away. Sadit looked up but Chan still ignored him. A bandage poked out of her working gloves but she used her hand as usual.

“Looks like she is ok!” Rowan thought. “What now?!” Sadit asked him when he met him. “Morsmart wanted to see me!” “Do I look like a fool? I know. Why? What have you been up to?”
“Nothing!” “Yea right!” Sadit said but Chan fell in his words. “Leave him! Just get on with your work!” So both started emptying the rest of the shelves….

You can find the description of the novel here on the National Novel Writing Month page.

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