#amwriting diary Nov6 ~ #NaNoWriMo17 No 5

It is Sunday and I have given myself a day off the NaNo frenzy. Tomorrow I’ll be back at work so writing has to be organised a little differently. I do not feel I can do NaNo, work and write two or more blog posts too. However, I somehow got caught up in #frapalymo again and really do not want to miss out on it. So my #amwriting diary posts will be scheduled and get you the “news” a little belated. Sorry for that.

I struggled again on Saturday to get my double word count done but I managed. The story is getting along a well as far as I can see but extensive editing will need doing next year. My plan is to leave the whole thing through December and then start the editing process in January. I’ve never really edited a bigger work of mine. Never really written one. It is different to have a look through a blog post or some flash fiction than looking through a blog series that has already run for a year or so and that you added to.

But I feel confident I can manage and that I’ll create great content for “The Bee Writes…” for next year.

As for my other projects. It is clear I will not finish many of my unfinished projects so 2017 won’t be the year of finishing unfinished writing projects. But I am working on them and I suspect that is as good as it can get right now.

As I have been writing well the last couple of days I am wondering why it doesn’t work outside of NaNo. Why I do not seem to be able to get the balance right between family, work, other tasks, blogging and writing. Not sure if it is fear, my mental health or just laziness. However, I do not like to call anyone lazy. There is usually a reason why people do not get on with what they want to do.

So I am going to have a close look at how I organise myself. I have a tendency to take on too much and get exhausted and stop altogether if I organise if I make a plan of some sort. This year I have chosen to follow my intuition but it seems to me that I concentrate more on relaxing than other things. However, a 30-year long struggle with PTSD and only being diagnosed a couple of years ago might mean that I need more downtime than others would do. And work is a stressful and pressurised thing to deal with.

Maybe it is just a question of priorities. Who knows. I’ll keep you updated on my thoughts and progress. Happy writing to you all!

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