#NaNoWriMo17 WIP Share 1

I won’t have time for blogging nor for NaNoWriMo this week as I wrote a couple of times last week because my mom comes visiting. Well, she is my ex-step-mom (my father was married to her in the late 80’s and early 90’s) but I have “adopted” her as my mom because my birth mother died when I was quite young.

So I decided to share a couple of chapters of my work in progress for NaNoWriMo throughout this week. They need editing but I share them anyway and hope you enjoy them.

Today I share a little bit from my first day of NaNoWriMo. I have to explain, that the story starts right in the middle. I am working on a fantasy/sci-fi series I have started in 2014 on an old blog but got to halt halfway through.

The main character is Rowan a young man who starts working on a supermarket planet. Aliens have taken over humanity and made them work for the aliens in supermarkets that occupy whole planets to sell to the universe. Rowan is the son of Ron who is a rebel leader who wants to stay out of any contact with aliens or technology and is still living on earth and brother of Negrescu, who has his own agenda.

However, Rowan does not remember this. His memory was changed to become a spy for the rebels and cause harm to the aliens shopping empires. I still have to work the basics and specifics out but this is just a first draft so please bear with me.

Sadit and Chan are his friends who work with him as cleaners. Gale is a girl who works for the rebels too and is supposed to help Rowan in his “cause”. She works at the customer services. She already had a couple of strange meetings with Rowan, that make no sense to him.

Ron is on earth and Negrescu has tried to kill his father who left his home, to meet an old friend called Single Feather to figure out how to get on. A clone stays in Ron’s place to not cause suspicion. There is also a “colony” of clones who work against Negrescu. Ron with Single Feather and Single Feather’s people go to them because Negrescu’s men have started to kill them.

And here is my WIP:

“What the…” Rowan thought. He remembered how he got told off walking out there on his first day. “What do you think you are doing?” Rowan jumped. “Sadit. No time come with me or stay behind. Somethings going on!” “Oh, really?” Sadit muttered but followed Rowan out of the doors. They had to dodge around customers and employees streaming in all directions. Some towards the mayhem some away.

Outside Rowan looked but could not see Gale anymore. He shook his head. “Care to explain what is going on?” Sadit asked. “I wish I knew!” Rowan answered. “Back there I saw Gale picking something up where the glass shattered. No idea where she came from and why none of security saw her. They were just behind her and when she left all around her but no one asked what was going on. Then she left towards our quarters but I can’t see her now!” Sadit looked at him but said nothing. “What?!” asked Rowan. “Well…. I am not sure, to be honest!” Sadit answered. “Something like this happens and you are still after the girls?” Rowan rolled his eyes. “Didn’t you hear what I said? Gale picked something up. And a couple of days ago I saw her vanishing in the toilet. Or more appearing out of nowhere. There is something fishy going on!”

“Ok. And?” Rowan took a step back and looked at Sadit. “You don’t’ find that strange?”
“I find it very strange mate but one of the most important things I have learned working here is: Keep out of strange things.”
“But you can’t…” Rowan fell in but Sadit holt his hand up.
“You remind me of my uncle. He wanted to know everything that was going on and you know what? He found out things. Strange things. Things that don’t add up at all. But then he vanished. Out of nowhere. Gone. Noone can tell us something. Noone wants to tell us something. Left my aunt and cousins without support because those who have too curious family members lose their job. Get that? We throw away more food than we should because we know they are coming around getting it. We can’t help them otherwise we are out of jobs too. There is no way I do that to my mum and dad! But you don’t understand that. You don’t have any!”

“Hey! That’s not fair!”
“Maybe! But you are still so green you don’t know how things work here. Don’t’ seem to know anything really.”
“Wow…” rowan took another step back. “And I thought you are a friend! Why did you follow if you don’t want to be involved in anything?”
BECAUSE I like you! Don’t want you to get into trouble even though trouble seems to attract you like a fly to shit!”
Rowan started laughing. “Shit you are so right!” Sadit grinned a little. “So what are you going to do?”
“Well, she is gone now anyway. But I’ll keep an eye on her. If I suddenly go off just don’t follow me ok?” “Deal!” Sadit took Rowan’s hand but had a rather worried look on his face.

Please remember this is entirely unedited and will be improved in time. Thanks.

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