#NaNoWriMo17 WIP share 2

I have a writing break from NaNoWriMo which so I share some of my work in progress with you.

Today I share a little bit from my second day of NaNoWriMo. I have to explain, that the story starts right in the middle. I am working on a fantasy/sci-fi series I have started in 2014 on an old blog but got to halt halfway through.

The main character is Rowan a young man who starts working on a supermarket planet. Aliens have taken over humanity and made them work for the aliens in supermarkets that occupy whole planets to sell to the universe. Rowan is the son of Ron who is a rebel leader who wants to stay out of any contact with aliens or technology and is still living on earth and brother of Negrescu, who has his own agenda.

However, Rowan does not remember this. His memory was changed to become a spy for the rebels and cause harm to the aliens shopping empires. I still have to work the basics and specifics out but this is just a first draft so please bear with me.

Sadit and Chan are his friends who work with him as cleaners. Gale is a girl who works for the rebels too and is supposed to help Rowan in his “cause”. She works at the customer services. She already had a couple of strange meetings with Rowan, that make no sense to him.

Ron is on earth and Negrescu has tried to kill his father who left his home, to meet an old friend called Single Feather to figure out how to get on. A clone stays in Ron’s place to not cause suspicion. There is also a “colony” of clones who work against Negrescu. Ron with Single Feather and Single Feather’s people go to them because Negrescu’s men have started to kill them.

And here is my WIP:

“Strange!” Ron thought “That is exactly the direction I need to go. He picked up the animal, took out a knife and skinned it. Then he got out a bag from his rucksack. It was a material no one could make anymore. They used to call it plastic. They found huge amounts along the seashore if they dared to go there. He had once found lots of those bags and took them home, cleaned them and kept them. “You never know what they might be useful for” he had thought. Now he packed the skinned bunny in it and hang it at the bottom of the rucksack making sure the bag was closed securely with some string. “Don’t want to attract any predators, do we?” he said. “Ah, I am already starting to talk to myself!” he thought.

The dog came running back he had crossed the stream and was barking. “I am coming!” Ron whispered carefully looking around to see if there was anything suspicious around. But there were just meadows ahead of him after the stream. The forest full of fallen branches and rotting leaves behind him and a dog running ahead along the stream towards the right. If he looked ahead that way the forest went up a slope which he saw went higher further ahead. He had planned to stay in the valley along the stream even though he had to go upwards eventually.

So he stepped into the stream and started walking. “It’s mainly sand and flat rocks. That’s good!” Ron thought. But he was still careful where he stepped. Getting wet was not on his agenda. His thoughts went back to the time just after the first attacks. Joselyn, he and the boys were living in a little village within a wood like this one. Well, Negrescu was no boy anymore by then. “Too clever too early!” Ron thought when he remembered his pride about his eldest son’s success at university and then getting a job at a famous science lab no one remembers today when others just started university.

The dog barked further ahead. Ron stopped and stepped aside behind a rock and a bush. He could see a little ahead through the bush where he saw the dog running back towards him. It stopped behind the bush and looked around sniffing. Then navigated around the rock to stand in front of Ron. Ron looked down at it. “Never was keen on dogs. Well, pets as a whole!” he thought. “Rowan always wanted one!” Ron sighed. “What is it, dog?” The dog looked up at him then stepped out of the stream and started running up the hill to Ron’s right. Ron did not follow. “I don’t want to go too early up there,” he thought. The dog came back just when Ron stepped back into the middle of the stream. He suddenly heard shouting coming from ahead on the stream. “Oh, oh!” he started running after the dog up the hill and into the under bush.

He ducked down and waited. After a minute he saw a group of men coming down the stream. He recognised the leader and young man in Negrescu’s group who was looking around everywhere. “Stop” he commanded and the group stood still all along the stream. Ron holt his breath. “Shouldn’t he be here by now?” one of his men asked who wore a black bandana and had a beard that resembled a goat. “Shush!” The leader said who had short-cropped red hair and a huge nose. “Maybe Negrescu was wrong!” he said after a while. Maybe his father just had one of his little outings and is back by now.” “What shall we do?” another man addressed the leader. He hardly seemed to be a man so young did he look from afar.

“Go home. Tell Negrescu to stop being paranoid!” The men started walking again and went in the direction of Ron’s camp last night.

Ron waited for about half an hour. The dog who waited the whole time beside him crouched low suddenly got up and started walking upwards into the woods sniffing the ground. Ron watched him go and hesitated. “I am not sure I can really rely on you, dog!” he thought. He looked back down towards the stream. “On the other hand though,” he thought “they might have left guards down there. Better follow the dog. I have no other choice anyway!” he sighed remembering the cliffs that parted him from the other side of the mountains where he was heading.

Please remember this is entirely unedited and will be improved in time. Thanks.