#NaNoWriMo17 WIP share 3

I have a writing break from NaNoWriMo so I share some of my work in progress with you.

Today I share a little bit from my third day of NaNoWriMo. I have to explain, that the story starts right in the middle. I am working on a fantasy/sci-fi series I have started in 2014 on an old blog but got to halt halfway through.

The main character is Rowan a young man who starts working on a supermarket planet. Aliens have taken over humanity and made them work for the aliens in supermarkets that occupy whole planets to sell to the universe. Rowan is the son of Ron who is a rebel leader who wants to stay out of any contact with aliens or technology and is still living on earth and brother of Negrescu, who has his own agenda.

However, Rowan does not remember this. His memory was changed to become a spy for the rebels and cause harm to the aliens shopping empires. I still have to work the basics and specifics out but this is just a first draft so please bear with me.

Sadit and Chan are his friends who work with him as cleaners. Gale is a girl who works for the rebels too and is supposed to help Rowan in his “cause”. She works at the customer services. She already had a couple of strange meetings with Rowan, that make no sense to him.

Ron is on earth and Negrescu has tried to kill his father who left his home, to meet an old friend called Single Feather to figure out how to get on. A clone stays in Ron’s place to not cause suspicion. There is also a “colony” of clones who work against Negrescu. Ron with Single Feather and Single Feather’s people go to them because Negrescu’s men have started to kill them.

And here is my WIP:

When the announcement woke Rowan early the next morning he felt like a brick wall had fallen on him. “Ouch,” he was getting up going to the bathroom and relieved himself. He had just managed to set the tea machine for the right time the night before so when he came out of the bathroom his mug was ready.

He sat down on the bed with the mug in hand looking out of the window. It was foggy. He could hardly see the bushes over the car park but something caught his eye. He got up to have a closer look. There was a light moving from somewhere in the car park towards the bushes but he could not see who or what it was. “Strange!”

He moved a little to the side to figure if he could see better but it made no difference. The announcement had said no gym time until clearing was done. So he had some time on his hands. “Don’t really want to go out there. But that is not right!”

So he dressed and left the building. He looked left and right but no one was about. There was a shed for bikes over where the bushes were and he positioned himself behind it so he could see where the light was as far as he could remember.

Nothing happened. His feet started to get cold and the wind got into his coat. “Let’s have a look over there!” he thought when he made his way into the bushes. A crack just before him made him stop. He hold his breath, putting his cold hands deeper into his pocket. “Woa,” someone said in front of him. “What are you doing here in the middle of the night!” Rowan asked. He could now see a young dark-skinned man with a round face in front of him who was dressed in dark clothes wearing a hat and gloves. “First of all”, the young man answered his looking like he laughed despite the severity on his face “It is early in the morning and secondly what are you doing here?” “Not sure I want to tell you,” Rowan thought. “I always have a little walk before my shift. They are funny now with all the clearing up,” he said eventually. The other cocked his head and eyebrow. “Sure,” he said. “I am with security and have to check everywhere!” “Aha!” Rowan just answered. “Well, did you find out who or what used the light that just went your way?” he then asked.

“No. But there are a couple of fireflies left around here. Might have been one of them!” the other man said. “NO there aren’t!” Rowan thought. He had not seen one since he has been in the secret garden in school. According to his friend they did not exist anywhere else let alone on a supermarket planet. “Oh” Rowan just answered. “Well, I better go back and ready for work.” Rowan just turned and left the man standing where he was. When he reached the door he bent down as to tighten his laces but managed to look through his legs. The man was watching him at the shed. He had not moved. “How do I find a window to watch him fast enough?” he wondered when he entered the door. There were announcements at the gym so Rowan went over looking to his left out of the window where he saw the man walking towards the spot where he saw Gale vanish the other day. The man vanished too.

Rowan turned around and went outside. There was a manhole at the spot both had vanished but you could not move it. He inspected it and the area around it when a strong hand touched his shoulder. He got up and turned around just to face Mitchell who grinned. “Up so early?” he asked.

“Well, I have an early shift and had checked if I need to go to the gym today when I saw something around here.” “Now what might you have seen!” “It was a light. Was strange.” “Well, don’t worry about lights around here. You can still find fireflies around here!” “Oh, can you?” Rowan’s voice did not sound convinced.
“Yes, you can. And you can also go back, have your breakfast and then turn up for work!” Mitchell said forcefully. Rowan sighed. “Yes sir!” he said and went back into the house.

Please remember this is entirely unedited and will be improved in time. Thanks.