#NaNoWriMo17 WIP share 5

I have a writing break from NaNoWriMo so I share some of my work in progress with you.

Today I share a little bit from my sixth day of NaNoWriMo. I have to explain, that the story starts right in the middle. I am working on a fantasy/sci-fi series I have started in 2014 on an old blog but got to halt halfway through.

The main character is Rowan a young man who starts working on a supermarket planet. Aliens have taken over humanity and made them work for the aliens in supermarkets that occupy whole planets to sell to the universe. Rowan is the son of Ron who is a rebel leader who wants to stay out of any contact with aliens or technology and is still living on earth and brother of Negrescu, who has his own agenda.

However, Rowan does not remember this. His memory was changed to become a spy for the rebels and cause harm to the aliens shopping empires. I still have to work the basics and specifics out but this is just a first draft so please bear with me.

Sadit and Chan are his friends who work with him as cleaners. Gale is a girl who works for the rebels too and is supposed to help Rowan in his “cause”. She works at the customer services. She already had a couple of strange meetings with Rowan, that make no sense to him.

Ron is on earth and Negrescu has tried to kill his father who left his home, to meet an old friend called Single Feather to figure out how to get on. A clone stays in Ron’s place to not cause suspicion. There is also a “colony” of clones who work against Negrescu. Ron with Single Feather and Single Feather’s people go to them because Negrescu’s men have started to kill them.

And here is my WIP:

One of the men Single Feather had acknowledged stood up and said:” I have sent out messengers a moon ago to let Single Feather and his people know that we needed to erect and finish the wall to make sure no enemy could enter our territory. So far our reputation protected us, however, there have been intrusions into our territory and one of our men went missing. So did the messengers until we found them killed by bow and arrow after Single Feather’s men’s habit. What do you have to say!” he asked Single Feather.

“We had no dealings close to your territory since our last trade meeting in summer. I have been worried about Negrescu’s men’s movements which I had mentioned in that very meeting and I see that you have taken my worries serious. Why would I ask my men to go against you?”

The man who had spoken before stood up again. His red mane of hair clashed with the red of the cloak and his face was wrinkled in a strange fashion. “That is what we are wondering and asking you! We have experienced you and your people as trustworthy trade relation and have traded to mutual benefit. However, the world is changing and maybe your alliances have changed too?”

Single Feather’s face took on a red tinge and his muscles tightened when he said:” I would never break my word nor would I ever fall for Negrescu’s promises!” he said in pressed voice. Only Ron could realise how angry he was.

“Would I have led my people to you for safety otherwise? Surely I would have brought them to Negrescu instead!”

A murmur went through the people in the room. Rover stood up and hold up his hand. “There is no doubt about your honesty Single Feather. However, we need to establish what happened!” “I agree. Would it be possible for me to see the bodies?”

“They have been buried I am afraid. But we have kept the arrows.” Rover nodded to the red-headed man who left through the door all of them have come in and after a minute or so came back with a bundle in his hands.

He walked around Rovers chair and towards Single Feather and gave him the bundle. Single Feather opened the beige cloth and saw four arrows. They were made from simple wood with natural looking feathers on their top. The heads were made of metal that was coloured brown so it appeared to be wood. He holds them up and sniffed at their heads which surprisingly were still attached. He then holds them up towards the fire and examined them from all sides. He then took out an arrow from his own sheath. He motioned for the red-headed man and Rover to come over to him.

Single Feather put three of the arrows on the ground on their cloth. Then he put one of the arrows given to him and his own in one hand and showed them to both men. “See the difference in the arrowheads? The one you gave me looks like wood but was made of metal. We have no metalheads. Ours are made of a hardened wood. These…” he holds up the one given to him and scratched it “… are clearly covered with something to make them look like wood. And if you look at the feathers. They are not real feathers while ours are!” he bent down picked up the other arrows and gave all of them including his own to Rover who examined them closely.

After he finished he gave them to the red-headed man and sat back down on his high chair. When he cleared his throat the men and women surrounding him stood up. “I have decided that Single Feather and his people are free of the charges. Proof is Single Feathers arrow which we keep. Do we all agree?” all the men and women nodded. Some a little more reluctantly than others.

“Single Feather you and your people are free to stay here. Is that what you intended?” Single Feather nodded and said. “Negrescu’s people have found our winter camp and it is only a question of time until they find our summer camps. It is not safe for us to stay there anymore. Even more so now that I know they try to imitate our methods. That is why we came here to ask for refuge. I am honoured to be accepted in your midst with my people”. He bowed before Rover. Rover nodded in acceptance.

Then he spoke to Ron. “You, however, are a different matter. Why are you with Single Feather’s people?” Ron stood a little taller. On the eve of the shift that my people always celebrate in remembrance of those who have perished to protect us I have been shot at by an unknown person. My people are not allowed to wear weapons. Only those who protect us do and they are handpicked by me. None of them would go against me. So the one of you who decided to stay behind with me took my place as we have planned for many years. I assume you are aware of this part of our pact?”

Rover just nodded. Ron knew that his clone was in constant contact with his people even though he could not go back to them.” So I decided” Ron went on “ to take counsel with Single Feather who is aware of different levels as to how I should proceed. I have to admit that I have not trusted my son ever since the shift and the split with your people. What he has in mind for you is not my vision for the future. However, it looks like Negrescu is up to much more than I could ever imagine!”

“This seems to be very true!” Rover said. He looked to his counsellors and asked. “Are you willing to accept this explanation and also give Ron leader of the human’s refuge?” They all nodded. Strangely those who nodded reluctantly before nodded more excited now and vice versa.

Please remember this is entirely unedited and will be improved in time. Thanks.

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