#NaNoWriMo17 WIP share 6

I have a writing break from NaNoWriMo so I share some of my work in progress with you.

Today I share a little bit from my sixth day of NaNoWriMo. This will be the last share for now. On Monday I am back to NaNoWriMo17 and finish my 50 000 word goal by the end of the month. Exciting :-).

I have to explain, that the story starts right in the middle. I am working on a fantasy/sci-fi series I have started in 2014 on an old blog but got to halt halfway through.

The main character is Rowan a young man who starts working on a supermarket planet. Aliens have taken over humanity and made them work for the aliens in supermarkets that occupy whole planets to sell to the universe. Rowan is the son of Ron who is a rebel leader who wants to stay out of any contact with aliens or technology and is still living on earth and brother of Negrescu, who has his own agenda.

However, Rowan does not remember this. His memory was changed to become a spy for the rebels and cause harm to the aliens shopping empires. I still have to work the basics and specifics out but this is just a first draft so please bear with me.

Sadit and Chan are his friends who work with him as cleaners. Gale is a girl who works for the rebels too and is supposed to help Rowan in his “cause”. She works at the customer services. She already had a couple of strange meetings with Rowan, that make no sense to him.

Ron is on earth and Negrescu has tried to kill his father who left his home, to meet an old friend called Single Feather to figure out how to get on. A clone stays in Ron’s place to not cause suspicion. There is also a “colony” of clones who work against Negrescu. Ron with Single Feather and Single Feather’s people go to them because Negrescu’s men have started to kill them.

And here is my WIP:

Negrescu entered the building at the other end of the plaza. His people had managed to keep it looking empty even though there were a plethora or offices and other businesses inside it. He usually took a look at the underground levels first where his employees dealt with those who dared to oppose him when they were asked to help the cause. Most did not understand the cause. And many never understood no matter how much they tried to educate them which often led to the demise of the “pupil” Negrescu did not regret this unfortunate waste of human life. After all, they had chosen not to advance their situation and rather followed his father’s “vision” of a “free & self-containing” life. “Free and self-destroying” Negerscu called it. He could not understand why technology and making one’s life easier could be so bad no matter what the aliens had done. If the humans would have been faster in advancement that never would have happened. They would have made mincemeat out of the greedy fools out there.

Today he went directly upstairs to his office that overlooked the plaza and gave him a direct view of the level of his father’s office on the other side. “Unfortunate he survived!” Negrescu thought.”What else do I need to do to make a change?” he though embittered.

He walked into the little box that hid behind a door straight in front of him. When he pressed the top button on a row of buttons on the wall he could not help but be proud. “No one has found the solar panels on the roof even though they shine quite a bit when the sun is out!” he thought. Surely his father and the workers on the other towers should have seen. “Well, looks like the hiding technology works well that scarface sold us!” Negerscu smiled which looked rather like a grimace.

The box had started to move upwards and suddenly stopped with a ping. The door opened and he left into a room full of cushioned furniture and a huge mahogany desk in front of a window. A man sat in front of it who stood up as soon as Negrescu entered. “Sit down!” Negresu hissed. The man did as he was told.

Negrescu enjoyed walking on the soft carpet. He had left his shoes beside the door to the little box as had the other man. No one was allowed to soil his prized possession of a carpet. He walked around the desk and sat down on a chair similar to his fathers but more luxurious. Again Negrescu smiled and the man in front of him sank a little deeper into his chair which was not possible as it was a simple wooden chair.

“So?” Negrescu only asked. The man who might have been 30 years old had a haggard face and grey eyes that moved nervously from Negrescu to the window behind him and back. His skin was light and looked a little grey besides his body suggesting that he worked out a lot. He had put his hands which were big for his size on the arms of the chair. He took a deep breath and said quietly:” The gun misfired. The man who repaired it was already dealt with!” “Hmmm,” Negrescu said. “Good” he added after a while.

The man in front of him relaxed a little and added. “I can try again at the next meeting!” “There won’t be a next meeting!” Negrescu said. “What?” The man dared to say. “There won’t be a next meeting. The plans have changed. We need to go to the next stage with my father being present! He needs to be taught a lesson!” Negrescu said. The man again sank a little more in the chair and his eyes darted to and fro.

Please remember this is entirely unedited and will be improved in time. Thanks.

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