#frapalymo November 17 ~ #poem/#Gedicht to/zu prompt/Impuls No 23

You can find the English part of this post after the image.

Ah, leider ist es nicht mein 23. Gedicht aber heute habe ich genuegend Zeit mich der Poesie des Frapalymo zu widment. Den Impuls findet Ihr hier.

Stuermische Nacht

meine augen schliessen

wind wirbelt ums haus

das kraechzen des gebaeudes

zwingt mich aus den Traeumen

werde ich

den Schlaf wieder finden?

Today @FrauPaulchen asked us to write a poem to a tweet by @_unruhe  in German which I translate as “bringing together two pieces of night”.


Stormy Night

I close my eyes

wind dances around the house

the croaking of the building

forces me from my dreams

will I

find sleep again?

As usual feel free to add your own creation. You have to add your link to the comments though as my blog is now self-hosted and ping-backs do not necessarily work. I will share your poem on social media. Have fun!


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