Basket ~ #whatif

Over at “What if we all cared” there is a lovely daily blogging prompt called “#whatif“.  I think that is a brilliant idea and I suggest you head over and check it out.

I am going to take part as often as I can. You can find today’s prompt and the rules here:


Looks like I am going Stream of Consciousness today. I have no idea what I could write about the prompt “basket”. No poem comes to mind. I might have a photo of a basket somewhere but I just checked my Flickr account and have decided that I cannot look through roundabout 8000 photo’s to find one of a basket.

I think I would like to know though how to make a basket. Knowing what you could use to make one and then actually do the weaving. I loved to weave as a child but never pursued it as an adult. I did knitting though. That’s a sort of weaving, don’t you think?

I used to have an old-fashioned clothes basket though that was woven. No idea where it ended up. Might have been we had to chuck it because of woodworm.

Well, maybe I find out if there is someone in Norfolk who could teach me :-).



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