Skill of the Month Club ~ March Wrap-up

In March I invited you to the Skill of the Month Club something Randy Ingermanson has suggested in one of his articles. Well, actually he did it in two articles and you can find them here & here.

The basic idea is to develop a new skill and a new habit a month. In the last couple of weeks, I have often read that it needs more than the mythical 28 days to make a habit stick but hey… it’s worth trying, isn’t it? Well, I set myself the goal this year to develop a new skill and a new habit every month. So far no one has joined me which I can fully understand. It needs time and commitment to improving yourself and we are mostly so busy with work, love and life that we really do not need another commitment. But I am afraid you need to read about my quest for self-improvement every month 😉

So what were my commitments in March?

I wanted to learn the skill of using Canva a design page that lets you create to your heart’s content. You might have seen that I changed the layout of “The Bee Writes…” and often have featured images which show the titles of the posts. All of which were created with Canva. It is a free page but it also features paid for content. I use the free options available and am really happy with it. It needed me a while to figure out how to put backgrounds on the pictures and to change text and images but I played around and in the end, I got there. I don’t think I know all of the features yet but for what I use it it is perfectly fine. So skill gets a tick.

It’s a different matter with the habit. I wanted to meditate in the morning and in the evening. Every day because the more stressful it is the more it is necessary to meditate. At least that’s what I believe. I did not get there. This is clearly one that needs a lot longer than 28 or even 31 days. I will keep at it but also choose another one for April. But that is the topic for another post.

Well, what can I say? If you feel tempted to join me, please feel free to do so. Just leave me a message in the comments and we improve together. You write a post about it? Even better. I’ll come and visit you!

Take care and have a lovely Easter!

Easter can be a stressful time for various reasons. If you are in distress please do not stay alone. You can find helplines worldwide on this Pinterest Board.

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