Blast from the Past: #11 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee

Strange how this post corresponds with my situation today. Again feeling tired but first a little explanation what this “old” post is about: I was doing a poetry project from June 2014 to May 2015. I asked my readers to give me a prompt and I wrote a poem about it. It was working rather well in the beginning but very soon I ran out of readers and prompts. However, I was not giving up and changing it into posting a poem a day and finding an interesting prompt myself. I look fondly back to that time and even have started to write a poem a day at the end of last year. But most of them won’t see any publishing. But here number eleven of the old “A Prompt A Day for Bee”:

*giggle* today I am cheating a bit. This week is quite busy with extra appointments I do not usually do which take away quite a bit of time for writing. It is Tuesday afternoon a little before I have to go to work and I just have to get one more entry in. It is warm here and I have written quite a few entries already which was fun but it is also quite tiring. Therefore I am cheating a little today and write a poem about “being tired”.

I think we all are tired. Some only now and then some all the time depending on how your life does go and how your life went. There is, of course, that sentiment that as a writer, you either have to drink lots of coffee or alcohol. I do not do either (at least not lots of) so I have a distinct disadvantage on other writers 😉 But it’s nice to challenge yourself to test your limits and see what you can manage.

I might have to get back some developments that others do in their teenage days when they try themselves out. I did not have time for that. Was either occupied with surviving some struggles or by taking care of the house and my little brother. I don’t think I missed anything. All this made me who I am but well, sometimes things come back.

Or maybe it’s just that I am at an age where you have to figure out what to do with the rest of your life as I am about halfway through it. So another blog post, it is before I go to work (proudly tap my own shoulder
😉 )


my words


like an
old man’s

my eyes

water and
won’t stay

no matter
my intention

my body

feels heavy
like a sack of
ancient coins

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