Blast from the Past: #12 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee

Lately, I have been dreaming a lot. Not particular nightmares but definitely a lot of dreaming. So this post from 2014 fits in well with what is happening today. This post is part of a project I did in that year.

I was doing a poetry project from June 2014 to May 2015. I asked my readers to give me a prompt and I wrote a poem about it. It was working rather well in the beginning but very soon I ran out of readers and prompts. However, I was not giving up and changing it into posting a poem a day and finding an interesting prompt myself. I look fondly back to that time and even have started to write a poem a day at the end of last year. But most of them won’t see any publishing. But here number twelve of the old “A Prompt A Day for Bee”:

For tonight I have chosen one of Michael from Morpethroad’s prompts and it is “Nightmare”.

There is, of course, the “real” nightmare, meaning bad dreams that make you wake up in a sweat and gripping your bed sheet. But there are also those every day “nightmares” like driving in heavy traffic to work or having a bad day. And a person can be a “nightmare” as well.
According to Wikipedia the “mare” in “Nightmare” is not a female horse, but a female evil spirit being a goblin or an incubus which was thought to torment other people with bad dreams. The word is old English origin.
The word is also related to the German “Nachtmahr” which is the word for the evil spirit. My parents used to scare me to bed with this:” If you do not go to bed soon the “Nachtmahr” will come and get you!” That was certainly a “nightmare”.
I used to suffer from nightmares when I was a child and a teenager. One I remembered quite clearly when 9/11 happened was that one of falling off a huge tower, falling and falling but never hitting the ground.
But that is enough of the meaning and my experiences with it. Let’s write a poem:
Night is heavy
Inscribed with
Greed and lust.
Have we only found
Torment and pain?
My dreams
Are longing for
Renewal and
Those of you who are following my blog for a while might know that I really love acrostics. I used to write them just with one word in a line. So the first letter of a line read from top to bottom would give a word.
Later I realised that I can use a whole word or part of a sentence at the beginning of a line. I will experiment more with this poetry form. I just love it!


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