Being sentimental or Four Weddings and a Funeral Blues

Last week I had the chance to see one of my favourite film in English for the first time. A film that taught the Germans the F-word and me that there is a poet out there called W. H. Auden. It’s “Four Weddings and a Funeral“.

Even though it is ancient now it was still hilarious and I find it quite interesting to hear films in their original language and not with the notorious German dubbings. Don’t get me wrong. Those people who speak someone’s character in another language are geniuses in my books.

But its so odd when you know the original language and you see the mouth move in that language but you hear another. I can’t watch any English film in Germany now because it just confuses me entirely.

But coming back to Mr Auden. He is one of those who showed me how much Norfolk, the county I live in in the UK is connected with famous authors and poets. He went to Gresham’s School.

My step-mom was so kind to give me a poetry booklet with some of Auden’s poetry which I’ve lost in the meantime and I just loved it. Not sure what exactly it is that makes his poetry so appealing to me.

In case of “Oh tell me the truth about love” it definitely is the rhythm and the play with the often funny characteristics of love. One that really creeped me out because it describes the fear one must experience in war is “Oh, what is that sound?” Again I loved the rhythm of the lines and sentences. These sentences are in a way so simple but create so much tension until the soldiers arrive at one’s door.

But my most favourite poem by W.H. Auden is Funeral Blues. It makes me cry every time I hear or read it and that is one of those poems I learned by heart. Can’t remember much now so here is a reminder for all those of you who do not know it from the film

copyright: W. H. Auden via englishclasspoems on YouTube


What is your favourite poetess or poet?

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