Music Monday Blog Party has ended

Sorry my dear readers for being late for this post. The Music Monday Blog Party ended at 2.56 pm GMT however, I hadn’t scheduled this post and was sitting at the vets.

Our dog had decided to eat some mouldy cuttlefish bones and she was rather sick and her poo was pure blood. Or so it looked to us.

We were sick too with fear but it turned out it wasn’t really dangerous. Just her insides are sore. So please forgive me for nearly missing a post.

Here is the poor thing. Had nothing to eat most of the day and is pumped full with antibiotics now.

This week I celebrated with Emilia over at My Inner MishMash. If you haven’t read her post yet please head over here.

I have not started my week with a particular celebration but I am singing every day a little. That cheers me up which I really need.

And I know I repeat myself but it is this song:

Copyright: Johnny Flynn & Laura Marling

Hope you have a good week!

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