Having a Break ~ Music Monday Care & Love ~ Week 5

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen,

How have you been? How did your week go? Did you feel like starting a journal, beginning it again, or were you right on track anyway? I hope you had some fun and not so much trouble.

My week was OK, and I have worked on turning trouble around into blessings in disguise. Journaling has helped me a lot with it, and I am glad I was not on my own in this journey.

Our self-care journaling exploration

Both Emilia from “My Inner MishMash” and JoAnna from “Anything is Possible” shared the journey with us. Emilia shared an interesting track by Elaine Mai called “Enniscrone” which is a place in Ireland. That certainly was a discovery for me. Emilia journals in a computer file, as I do. She felt encouraged to look at it with fresh eyes and to dig deeper into the “Stream of Consciousness” writing. Please had over and cheer her on “Music Monday Care & Love – Elaine Mai – Enniscrone“.

JoAnna does journal too. She was thinking about her old journals while sorting through her parent’s things, and she felt encouraged to get herself a new one. She also appreciates the more flexible approach I try to do with Music Monday Care & Love. That, in turn, encouraged me :-).
Please head over and read her wonderful “Good News“.

Self-Care Week 4 at “The Bee”

For me, it has been a week of introspection and letting go of old ideas about myself and my life. It mainly has to do with the idea that no matter what I start, it will never work out. I am working on that negative idea for many years, but I think it is very ingrained, and so it is a process that might need a little while longer until I have incorporated the opposite.

One way I did that, was to spoil myself a little. I think I have worked hard to learn, that I am not as bad, as despicable and as sad as my anxious mind often tells me. And that process deserves a little celebration here and there. Besides, I believe in the quote by Oprah Winfrey that says: “The more you celebrate your life the more you have to celebrate”. And I could certainly use a little bit of success in the financial area.

A song that sums up your life

I asked you to choose a song that sums up your life. For me, this was a little difficult at first. Or at least I thought it would be. But then I looked through Paloma Faith’s songs and found “Warrior”. That song hit the spot full on. I feel like I have always been fighting one thing or another. Also, that I am still wounded, but I have found the one who has let me in and who helps me to fight on and not lose my faith. This song is dedicated to my husband.

And what is in store for us in this week’s Self-care?

Well, I think we have developed a lot in the last four weeks and have processed a lot too. Therefore, I think we need a break. A celebration break. I invite you to spoil yourself a little this week. Do something crazy: Have ice cream for breakfast. Go and dance in the rain. Have that almond milk for your coffee. Or even go and get yourself a new dress.

We often do something crazy when we celebrate. Somehow our brains go a little mad and love to let go of our restrictions. It might, of course, have something to do with the fact, that most people drink alcohol when they celebrate, but I believe it also happens without it.

So this week, allow yourself a little craziness. Relax. Kick back. Let go. I believe this is an important part of self-care too. We often connect self-care with “doing the right and healthy thing”, and that is what we have concentrated on in the last couple of weeks. But breaks are important when you want to learn or incorporate new things, and this week is break week. I am so curious as to what “a little craziness” means to you.

And what music shall we enjoy with our self-care?

Well, I’ll give you a break there too. Choose whichever song you feel fits best to your break week!

And just to remind ourselves plus involve the newcomers.


~ I invite you to appreciate yourself!
~ Don’t worry if you are not part since the beginning. You can join anytime! We are looking forward to meeting you!
~ Preferably appreciate yourself at the beginning of the week but if that does not fit, feel free to choose another time.
~ I invite you to do this with music and to explore a self-care activity
~ Feel free to write a blog post about your experiences but it is perfectly fine if you just do it for yourself or if you share in the comments
~ Also, feel free to incorporate self-care into your everyday life.
~ If you write a post please leave your link here in the comments that we all have the chance to cheer you on!
~ Go and visit your fellow self-care explorer’s posts & blogs
~ I’ll share a round-up & invitation post with a self-care activity & suggestion on what sort of music to share on Sunday afternoons.



I am not a health professional. My posts describe my thoughts, my experiences and my conclusions about life, mental health and self-improvement. My described actions always go alongside therapy and do not substitute professional advice by a health professional be it a doctor, therapist or counsellor.

I invite you to try out self-care tools, however, if any of these make you feel uncomfortable please stop and do not go further ahead. Also, if any of the tools suggested bring up issues that need dealing with do not hesitate to reach out for professional help.

To recognise when you need to stop and when to reach out for professional or any other help is one important part to learn when it comes to self-care.

Please look here if you need further guidance:







Government of Canada

8 thoughts on “Having a Break ~ Music Monday Care & Love ~ Week 5

  1. That’s such a cool and creative self care idea, to have a break, even though it may sound so ordinary at first, to have a break. 🙂 I like it. Your music choice is great, I like Paloma Faith and this song is so positive. And yeah, maybe finally this week I’ll get that almond milk and have it with my coffee, I still don’t have it so now I’ll have a serious reason to get it for myself. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 brilliant. I use this break to have a spicy coffee every morning and celebrate what I have managed to change this year. Even though there are some challenges to be mastered yet but I think I am on the right track. I am glad you like this weeks Music Monday self-care tool. I plan to do that on a regular basis :-). Have a great week!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that Warrior song. In addition to the words, she has a unique voice that appeals to me. About thinking nothing you start will work out, I bet if you made a list of all the things you started that did work out, it would be a long one, especially if you include things you take for granted. Thinking about a song to take a break by, “Let it Be,” comes to mind along with a couple others and some smooth jazz. Love and hugs to you, Bee.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi JoAnna, thanks for taking part and your kind words. I think you are right. They say your brain is wired for seeing the negative first but we can focus on the positive and change the focus this way. Love your sing choice. I think I might borrow it from you 😁 have a great week and take good care of yourself. Hugs Bee

      Liked by 1 person

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