Top Five Favourite Movies ~ #whatif prompt 30.9.18

I am late. I know. But such is life 😉

clouds over sea
sky over sea

This is a tricky one. Only five? There are so many:

I start with one of my latest discoveries:

  1. This Beautiful Fantastic

A young woman who writes children’s books doesn’t like the great outdoors. Her neighbour is annoyed about her neglected garden and tells her landlord who sets an ultimatum: create the garden how it was in a month or you are out of a home.

I did not find the description particularly enticing however the characters are so quirky and the story as it unfolds so heartwarming it was the best that happened to me in September. Reminded me a little of Amelie.

2. Chocolat

Oh, I just love those quirky magical realism books and films. And I just could not resist chocolat. And no it’s not because of Johnny Depp. It’s the fact that there is a chocolate shop involved. So when the north wind comes along with a message or far away places don’t miss to listen 😉

Family is like chocolate. Mostly sweet with a few nuts
Quote in picture taken from WesternChicken: Family is like chocolate. Mostly sweet with a few nuts.

3. Enchanted April

This is one where I do love the book and the film. I’ve read the book by Elizabeth Arnim first and then was not too impressed by watching the film. But there was nothing else to watch so gave it a shot and it was so worth it: Stiff upper lip Londoners go on holiday at an Italian castle and get transformed.

Ah, well I sort out my “so many films so little blog posts” problem with staying with the same sort of film. I also have at least 5 favourite fantasy films as well as 5 favourite actions films but they need to wait.

4. Babette’s Feast

I actually was not aware that the film was based on a story by Karen Blixen. Babette is a chef. She had to flee France and ends up in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in Denmark and of course, her food transforms the little Danish village. But then she wins the lottery… So beautiful!

And last but not least another charming but a little crazy film:

5. Antonia’s Line

Antonia returns to the town of her birth with her daughter. I can’t really remember why she came back but I assume she had to leave because the girl was born out of wedlock. She establishes a matriarchal community with so many lost characters that you could call it a home for the restless ;-). What I loved about the film is that it touches so many difficult subjects from feminism over religion to violence. There were hard bits in the film that I could not watch but if you’ve seen an angel statue in a graveyard hitting the pastor you just can’t resist 😉

As I said: There are too many favourite films of mine but I tried to stay with this sort of film and maybe I give you some new ideas. They are all worth watching.

Fellow blogger taking part in #whatif:

Therapy Bits: #whatif prompt 30.9.18


This is my entry for yesterday’s #whatif prompt from the lovely Karen over at “What if we all cared?”.  And these are her suggestions on how to take part:

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