Not alone

October 2018
Whenever depression and anxiety hit me I keep myself motivated to fight on and to believe that I can achieve my dreams with thinking about famous people who live with depression and are still good at their jobs. Here is my post from March 2011 when I first thought about this topic:
March 2011
Famous people with Depression:
Leo Tolstoy:
Author of War and Peace, one of the world’s greatest novels, Tolstoy told of his own mental illness in My Confession. It is also discussed in Dynamics of Creation by Anthony Storr and Inner World of Madness by Beet Kaplan.

Ernest Hemingway, Writer

The Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist’s suicidal depression is examined in the True Gen: An Intimate Portrait of Ernest Hemingway by Those Who Knew Him by Denis Brian.

Abraham Lincoln:

The 16th president, one of the greatest Americans, suffered from severe, incapacitating and occasionally suicidal depressions, documented in six biographical volumes by Carl Sandburg, and in numerous articles, including, “Dark Veil of Depression” by Judy Folkenburg,
Find out more at: National Institute of Mental Health 
and see how other famous people deal with and fared with their mental health:
And these famous people had trouble with depression too:
  • Richard Nixon, U.S. president
  • Murray Pezim, Canadian businessman
  • Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor
  • Gerard M. Hopkins, poet
  • Victor Hugo, author
  • William James, writer
  • Bev Aisbett – Author of “Taming The Black Dog” and other well known books
  • John McGrath – Chair, Mental Health Council of Australia
  • Neil Cole – Victorian Politician and Playwright
  • Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) – soldier, statesman and Lord Protector of England (1652-1658) after he declined the crown after Charles I was beheaded in 1649 during the Civil War.
photo source: QuoteSnydle. Despcription for visually impaired readers: black background, white writing saying: “Depression and I are old friends but I do not court his company” by Laura K Rhodes
Opinionated Man on Harsh Reality: Depression

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