Greyhound ~ Wordless Wednesday 17.10.18

4 thoughts on “Greyhound ~ Wordless Wednesday 17.10.18”

  1. Fascinating. I knew nothing about Greyhounds before reading this. I had always thought they needed tons of exercise, but it turns out once older, they need less than I do. It is so sad to read how many of the racing dogs are mistreated. I had seen the racing once, as a child, but had no idea. I won’t ever support it again. I am glad to hear your dog is coming right, and learning how to play.

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    1. Hi Rhonda, thanks for stopping by. I’ve seen it ones too when I was in Brighton for language school. Never liked races particularly but now even less. I think horse races are bad as well. So nice to hear from readers who think similarly about animals. Have a great day!


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