November 2018

This blog followed one of my old blogs. It is still running and still great so I re-post this entry and re-followed them.

June 2012

…looks like it is a blog about art in and around Penwith. Unfortunately, I could not find anything out about them as I have no private contact of any sort and the “about” section of the blog Penwithlit just harbours the usual text.

But looking through the posts now and then shows that there are interesting things to find: Art of Russia, poetry from Cornwall, historical novels….

Definitely worth following and reading and he, she, they or it 😉 is following me for 3 months and 2 weeks.

Thanks, penwithlit for the follow!!!!

English: Fishing Cottages, Lamorna Valley, Pen...
English: Fishing Cottages, Lamorna Valley, Penwith Peninsula, Cornwall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







November 2018

Dieser Blog folgte einem meiner alten Blogs. Es gibt ihn noch und er ist immernoch grossartig und so re-poste ich diesen Beitrag und folge Ihnen wieder.

Juni 2012

(die links in diesem Eintrag sind in englischer Sprache)

sieht so aus, als ob es ein Blog ueber Kunst in und um  Penwith ist. Ungluecklicherweise kann ich auf der “about” Information des Blogs Penwithlit nur den normalen Text finden aber keine Information zur Autorenschaft.

Aber wenn ich so durch die Eintraege schaue, dann kann ich da Interessantes finden: Kunst in Russland (Art of Russia), Lyrik aus Cornwall, historische Romane….

Es ist definitiv wert ihm, ihr, ihnen oder dem zu folgen und es folgt mir 😉 seit 3 Monaten und 2 Wochen.

Danke penwithlit fuers Folgen!!!!

2 thoughts on “penwithlit…

  1. Thanks for this. Yes, I live in Cornwall and have just got back from looking around art and history museums in Hamburg. I work with Penwith Radio, Morrab Library and Penwith Local History Group. I originally hale from St Ives so have interests there with the Tate and other galleries and museums. Currently I am trying to learn German and am reviewing a book by Bernard Wasserstein about the plight of the Jews before 1939


    1. Hello nice to meet you :-). Oh Hamburg brilliant Museums and a lovely city. Unfortunately I have not been to St. Ives yet. Thanks for your brilliant blog and your follow. Have a great day…


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