Carol Annes poetry challenge from bee…

Hello everyone. Its me, Carol anne, from the therapy bits blog. I am as you know a new contributor to bee’s blog.
So the lovely Bee prompted me to write a poem using this prompt.
My eyes listen to the light house in my mind”

Ok so this was a tough one for me! But, here goes!

waves crash
on the shore of my mind
my ears hear
what my eyes cant see
a beacon of light
like a ray of hope
as waves crash
threaten to flood
flooding my whole being
hope stays steadfast
and I hold on tight
to the ray of hope
thrown my way
from the far off beacon of light
The lighthouse that is my mind

2 thoughts on “Carol Annes poetry challenge from bee…

  1. Hi Carol Ann, I just saw your post. I still need to figure that contributor thing out :-). Was wondering if that’s a tough one for you but your poem shows that you transform your challenges into wonderful words. Thanks so much for being a contributor and for taking up the poetry challenge :-). Am looking forward to your prompt for the next week. Have a great day Bee

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