Not sure I can manage a poem today. But here is the prompt translation and you can find the original here:

“Oh, I like it when some chaos, some force, some absurdity goes into texts, and we engage with three totally independent from each others words.

I thank you and have chuckled more than once today.

The prompt for the poem on November 17th of frapalymo is: “verse to an enclosed leaflet” we all know them: these annoying folded small printed pieces of paper in packets of medication which warn about accessory symptoms from cardiac and circulatory problems to depression. Of course, you can’t go without and more often than not they are misused too. For us the enclosed leaflet is in the centre tomorrow because we want to create a poetic jewell.

It is your choice to use single words as your prompt, just some words of the enclosed leaflet, if you create a haiku or create a recipe of your own. Have fun while reading and please do not ask your doctor or pharmacist.

And pssst: if you do not have any education at home don’t worry. The internet offers everything online: here is the page for enclosed leaflets: Beipackzettel.de

Sorry I could not find an English version.

And the small print: please tell me via mail or twitter when you take part so I can tweet the link to your blog. Or put your poem or link in the comments under my poem of that day. It might be that I have to approve you for my comments first. Please bear with me in that case. The hashtag for Twitter is #frapalymo* and I am@fraupaulchen

*mainly German tweets

Just in case you wondered you do not need to take part with a German poem. Write it in any language you feel to write in. You can either let her know about your poem directly on her blog as is described in my translation or let me know via the comments here on the blog, via @Morgain620 on Twitter or via email: bee.halton[at]gmail.com.


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